Thank you!

Christ in the City would not be able to offer the peace and power of Christ without your generosity:

Adams and Reese, Attorneys at Law
Clarence Williams
Affordable Signs
Larry and Linda Miller for refrigerator
Rannah Gray for community introduction
John Edd Harper for microwave
Melanie Melville for time, landscaping, furniture, moral support
Betty Weber, The Cake Lady
Jude and Amy Melville, time and truck power
Cherie Schofield, labyrinth pillows
Sarah Powell, logo design
Josilyn Horne, furniture
Tucker Smathers, piano
Taunton Melville, stereo and furniture
Leah Renwick, electronic keyboard
Cecilia Snyder, Christmas decorations
Marty Ducote, website design
Maureen Melville, dishes
Will and Julia Ann Andress
Gretchen Benner
Buck and Susie Cefalu
Margaret and Irwin Cohen
Reggie Covington
Clint and Laura Crowell
Paul and Ramona Cutrer
Jim and Glenda Draper
James and Nancy Fallis
Louise Forrest
Jon and Lou Hammons
Gerry and Beth Hedgcock
Nancy Holland
Gloria Hood
Josilyn Horne
Jo Ann Joffrion
David and Melanie Melville
Maureen Melville
Bobby and Milly Norris
Phyllis Page
Jean Pevey
Mr. and Mrs. L.W. Provence
Jim Rathmell
Larry and T.J. Reid
Leah Renwick
Judy Roemer
Frank Seal
Donnie and Linda Smith
Jim and Karen Stevens
Roy M. Stewart, Jr.
Clyde and Kathleen Thompson
Jim and Elizabeth Wagner
Ann Warmbir
Donald and Renee Webb
Jay W. Williams
Yvonne Youngblood
Steve and Vi Stephens
Jane Brown
Brad Berner
Cheryl Parker
Larry and Anagene Mobley
Russ and Cecilia Snyder
Daniel and Sonya Melville
Jane Law
Jack and Charlotte Bartleson
Thuan Nguyen
Louise Jackson
Chuck and Maureen Edwards
Franklin and Christy Roemer
William and Fane Peeples
Mary Boggs
Syd and Gail Nelson
Sam and Ellen Caverlee
Public Service Commissioner Foster Campbell
Reverend Jerry and Pat Means
Richard and Lennis Elston
Mayor Buddy Bel
Mrs. Claire Bel
Doug and Betty Smith
Jim and Margaret LaRoe
Cheryl Caskey
Dakota and Heather Roemer
Linda Helms
Harry and Brenda Lazarus
Carl and Ann Rhoads
David and Becky Cooksey
Katherine R. Caruthers
Lola Kendrick
Ellis and Bobra Brown
Dr. Patricia Bates
Lounelle Black
Bill and Betty Stevenson
Don Weir
Joe and Jan Hudson
Steve and Diann London
Leah Renwick
Charles Ellis Brown, Sr.
John D. and Jane Caruthers
Co-Wed Sunday School Class, First UMC Shreveport
Richard and Frances Jones
Juan and Bonnie Watkins
Johnnie and Shirley Freeland
Maggie Barnes
Taunton and Christy Melville
Josilyn Horne
John Edd Harper, microwave
Jude and Amy Melville
Carroll Wascom
Jamie Rhymes
Christopher R. Hine
Marvin Brossette
Robert and Claudia Adley
Linda T. Shemwell
Jan Brumfield
Mike and Sylvia Newman
Paul and Vickie Young
Frank and Kathy Petitto
Bill and Rosa Simmons
Jere and Brenda McBride
Scott Irwin
Don and Betty Lou Hathaway
Terry Pipes
Stanley and Betty Matthews
Tucker Smathers
Bruce and Kathleen Lowe
Bill and Bettye Peterson
Mary Margaret Richard
Clif and Jeanne Dopson
Eldon Pentecost
Jeanette Lewis
Kenneth and Ginger Paul
Gary and Veda Westby
Janet Fowler
Mrs. George (Velda) W. McCormick
Sam Spivey
Kenny and Nancy Beauvais
United Methodist Women, Circle 8, FUMC Shreveport
Sondra S. Alexander
Tom and Kay Byrd
Milton and Betty Chapman
Charles Fitzpatrick
Barbara Monk
Brett Hutchinson
Frank and Suzzanne Bright
Sondra Hull Dixon
Patty Lindsey
Martha D. Storer
Tom Keith
Margo Wood
Bob and Peggy Burgess
Byrum W. Teekell
Dr. Pat Bates
Tom and Jean Bundy
Margie Burns
Irwin and Margaret Cohen
Nancy Darwin
Grant Dupre
Christopher Hine
Ann Inabnet
Ann King
Tony King
Guy and Glynn Moore
Jessie Mulkey
Steve Prator for Sheriff
T.J. Reid
Jill Ridgedell
Buddy and Scarlett Roemer
George and Becky Smith
Mickey and Joyce Stringfield
Cindy Williamson
Seekers Sunday School Class at Broadmoor UMC
First UMC Denham Springs and Faith Crossing UMC Methodist Men
Ronnie and Diana Canady
Gene and Lynda Land
Johnny and Judy Peterson
Gard Wayt
Malcolm Yarnell, Jr.
Blackwater United Methodist Church
Excaliber Club of Baton Rouge
St. Luke’s United Methodist Church, Baton Rouge
Randel Kirkland
Reverends Mike McLaurin, Mark Martin, Larry Norman and Bernadine Johnson for books
Sharon Drewett, Patricia Looney and Steve and Lani Causey for financial contributions.
We are especially grateful to our charter Board of Directors and members, and for each and every financial donor who make this mission possible.

Shemwell donation

Jones memorial

Adeline Roemer

In memory of Maureen Taunton Melville

Doug and Charlene Kent
Lola Kendrick
Jim and Glenda Draper
Tucker Smathers
Jim Rathmell
Mary Ann Webb
Steve and Vi Shephens
R.E. and G.L. Lance
Ronnie and Diana Canady
Bernadine Johnson
Taunton and Christy Melville
Janet Brittain
Velda McCormick
Jo Ann Joffrion
Millie Norris
David and Becky Cooksey