Introducing Dr. Daniel Melville to the Christ in the City Family

As a primary care physician, I strongly believe in the interconnections of mind, body, and spirit. Although this concept is emphasized with more and more frequency, we often times over complicate our approach in how to make this come to a healthy fruition in our overall wellness plan.

As a rule, I advise my patients to take a “keep it simple” approach. In partnership with Christ in the City, I pray that this blog will serve as an opportunity to share realistic ideas on how to remain healthy in all three pillars of our health.

After practicing medicine for over a decade, it is my intention to provide anecdotal and evidence-based information to add to your arsenal in your approach to feeling as optimally as you should.

By reading this blog and the respective affiliation with Christ in the City, you are already at least connecting to what I firmly feel is the single biggest component in the foundation of being healthy. Faith in Christ gives us hope!  In our belief, we know that not only is there purpose defined for each of us, but there is forgiveness provided by His sacrifice.  In the essence of keeping things simple, the single factor of faith cost nothing and is available immediately.

In my opinion, this element should be our primary focus not only to provide a firm foundation for spiritual stability, but this is a foundation for mental wellness as well. As we have seen just within the past two weeks in the news, depression and anxiety are at epidemic proportions and only continue to grow ( However, with belief in Christ, we can take comfort (Philippians 4:6-7).

I encourage you to become involved in projects like Christ in the City, submerse yourself in a church base support group, and pray daily. May God bless your health!  Have faith in His plan for you!

See… We are already becoming healthier and we haven’t exercised, changed our diet, picked up prescriptions, etc.… We will get to those things, but we will keep those simple as well.

Dr. Daniel Melville is a board-certified family physician practicing at Destination Health in Southlake, TX.  Destination Health is a concierge medical practice focusing on preventive, proactive, and optimal health care.